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Roe vs Wade - The Wider Implications - Sunny Megatron & Wired on Privacy and Beyond

There are much, much wider implications that affect ALL OF US because of the overturning of Roe vs Wade - regardless of gender.

We wanted to share this amazing excerpt from Sunny Megatron's episode 188 of American Sex Podcast - with Sunny Megatron & Ken Melvoin-Berg

**Please share, this is important. ** We should all know the wider implications of the law changes that politicians want you to think only affects abortion rights and women.

No, they affect all of us - our freedoms, our right to privacy, and our choice.

This is not about pro-choice vs pro-life. Listen to these 11 minutes in which Sunny Megatron explains it so well, it's worth your time.

Thank you Sunny Megatron for being a voice, for explaining it in simple terms, and for showing people what's truly happening.

What about your Public Data that can be used against you?

Furthermore, we want to share this article and mini pod by Wired, in which how the use of private data can be turned against those seeking abortion can cross borders and be used against them.

Know more - help more

It is important for us to highlight that there're many more great WIRED pieces on the matter of post Roe v Wade America.

We strongly advise all our members based in the USA and/or working with residents and citizens of the USA to continuously educate themselves on the wider implications and issues concerning folks affected by the legal changes.

Furthermore, we encourage our members to share articles and information regarding the legal changes and implications to their audience. Misinformation, as well as disinformation, are horrid but strong forces we all need to fight!

How Might Your Data Be Used to Pin Charges on You? Patients May Not Receive Miscarriage Care in a Post-Roe America

The Ramifications of Roe v. Wade’s Fall Won’t Stop at Abortion Bans Meta [Facebook] Was Restricting Abortion Content All Along

All of WIRED's coverage on a Post-Roe America

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