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Sexperts need a Business Community, too!

Soon after I started my business LIFESEXPERTS in Oxford I made sure to join the business community and part-take in as many networking events, workshops, boot-camps etc. as I could. As a result, I have met amazing people who have been super influential and helpful for my business journey.

But after awhile, I realised no matter how much I have learned from the business community as a general - most of these businesses, entrepreneurs and business owners do not understand how different my business is and their advice, as much as it has its value often fails to acknowledge the difficulty to run a business that is ahead of its time and is in a very sensitive field that freaks out the majority of people.

So a few months back I started running business meetings for sexperts. The model is very simple - it is all based on exchange of tried and tested know-how between sexperts. There are no speakers, no fancy talks - but rather a supportive community of professionals helping each other by sharing their recommendations and building relationships in the process.

So the purpose of these is clear - to focus on exchanging key business know-how and strategising for success in our field. We discuss how to improve our products and services, client reach and acquisition, marketing strategy, build partnerships and beyond. These meetings are so important as our work is not mainstream and requires a special forum for discussion and support.

This far we have exchanged great advice and discussed things like:

  • Advertising platforms for our services

  • Websites and online spaces that serve us well

  • Great software that saves us money, time, energy etc.

  • Useful resources - from books through websites to podcasts and beyond

  • PR, publicity, getting featured in the media

  • Building credibility, expanding our client base

  • Collaborations, partnerships and more

The meetings have been amazing, productive and interesting and I've had glowing feedback from folk who attend them. We have and continue to connect, exchange know-how, collaborate and improve our practice. It is truly priceless!

So, dear reader, if you are a fellow sexpert - please feel invited to sign up for my dedicated updates on the upcoming meetings and join our mailing list.

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