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Public Speaker

Deliver CPD for Sexperts

There are two ways for our members to support the professional development of others. The first is through delivering webinars and workshops, the second is by creating professional development content that can be made available on demand on our Knowledge Hub.

Would you like to Deliver Professional Development Events for our Community? 

We recognise that organisations, companies, institutes and training bodies have much to offer for the continuous professional development of our members, hence we invite their leaders and speakers to offer learning sessions in the form of educational webinars and workshops to our community.


Furthermore, we believe in peer-to-peer support and know that sexuality professionals have much to learn from each other, hence we offer the opportunity to sexperts to offer educational webinars and workshops through which they can educate and upscale their fellow colleagues. 

Hence, in our determination to continue supporting the growth and success in our members, we are inviting proposals for delivery of professional development from our members and partners. 

Who can deliver talks to our members?

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Community members* specialising in sex and relationships with previous experience in delivering talks, webinars and workshops to fellow professionals are invited to apply.

Organisations, Institutes, and Companies* that specialise in the development of courses, training and certification programs for CPD suitable for sexperts.

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Accepted CPD Formats

What formats are accepted?

Educational Webinar

An educational webinar aims to inform and educate, but not train, upskill or offer applied practice to the attendees.

It must offer clear learning outcomes and address a gap in the knowledge of the attendees.

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A workshop aims to educate and provide practical experience of the newly acquired knowledge and/or skill applied in the session. 

It must offer clear learning outcomes and address a gap in the knowledge and skills of the attendees.

Practical experiences, processes etc. are expected part of the workshop session.

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Submitting a 
CPD Proposal

To submit a CPD Proposal you must be either a:

* SBC member in the ''Advancing'' membership plan


* A Strategic Partner of the SBC. 

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Submit Your Proposal

Please note: Only SBC members of the ''Advancing'' membership plan and strategic partners will be able to open the Submit CPD Proposal page.

If you believe there's an issue with your access to the page, please email the team at:

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