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This is me - Leah - the serial entrepreneur and the sexpert who started the Sexperts Business Community - and this is how it all began.

Today the community has hundreds of members from around the world, all working in the field of sex(uality) - from sexologists, through Kink/BDSM and tantra practitioners and somatic and body experts to sex toy manufacturers, sexuality and wellness training institutions, sex-positive educational magazines and media to advertising platforms - we are together. And united - we are a force to be reckoned with!

Image by Annie Spratt


To help sexperts and their businesses to thrive.

Image by Jon Tyson


Connection, Collaboration and the exchange of ideas and ‘know-how’ to thrive.

Image by Hannah Busing


Together we go further.

How we support our members

We host the very popular Sexperts Business Meetings that help sexperts to meet and exchange vital know-how and build partnerships.

We help sexuality professionals to get media exposure on podcasts, in blogs and magazines.


We build partnerships that allow our members to take advantage of special deals and business opportunities.



We test software solutions as well as professional services and recommend such that save our members time and money.


We raise awareness of professional and personal development opportunities for sexperts - from tailored for sexperts webinars on business to courses and training by leading institutes and organisations in the sexuality field.

We promote great resources, tools, services and more that sexperts can utilise in their practice for better results when working with their clients.

We offer sexperts the opportunity to join a dedicated group on Social Media where they can post and advertise their sex-positive events.


We invite you to join us here...

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