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The #1 must-have business guide for sexuality professionals

From opening a bank account, through getting funding and networking to advertising online - there's nothing usual about running a business in the sexuality field. The path is paved with censure, taboo, discrimination of our profession and businesses.


Hence, a different non-mainstream approach to business is necessary. This is our guide for those doing the good work in the name of sexual wellness and social well-being. 

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What's Inside?

We explore a vast range of topics that concern sexuality professionals' businesses and have invited a number of experts and business owners to share their invaluable insights for your benefit.

  • How to increase your income by getting more clients and/or product sales?

  • How to reduce your workload with smart tools and strategies? 

  • How to establish key relationships and partnerships that will hep you scale? 

  • How to get more media exposure and use it to grow your business? 

  • Tons of extra resources for you to learn from as well as recommendations

And more...

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