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Strategic Partnerships

The  Sexperts Business Community is open to and inviting Strategic Partnerships with companies, institutes, organisations, charities and professionals working in the field of sexual wellness and human rights.

We invite interested parties to reach out and schedule a meeting where we will discuss how we can collaborate and support each other in a Strategic Partnership.

What is a Strategic Partnership?

A strategic partnership involves some shape of formal agreement between two (a bilateral partnership) or more (a network partnership) parties that have agreed to share finance, skills, information and/or other resources in the pursuit of common goals.

We invite companies, charities, institutions and organisations working in the sexuality and sexual wellness sector, whatever their product or service, the opportunity to work with us more closely, as well as connect and build partnerships with other professionals, organisations and enterprises around the world.

The world's future will be shaped by our international links and the way we work in partnerships to tackle the challenges facing our sector. 

Collectively we pledge to do what we can to give our industry the needed support, growth and reinforcement needed for its prosperity and success. 

Who can be a Strategic Partner of the SBC?

We want to make real change through our work and collaboration and invite:

  • charities and not-for-profit organisations fighting against the censure of sex ed, fighting for quality sex ed, for the rights of sexuality and gender minority groups and more

  • sexual(ity) wellness platforms

  • sex tech companies

  • sex toy manufacturers

  • sexual and reproductive health organisations

  • professionals who specialise in supporting the work of charities, organisations, companies 



As a Strategic Partner of the SBC, you can:

  • help us identify shared priorities and work towards shared goals 

  • participate in key networking meetings and forums for the industry leaders

  • ensure we have a collective strong voice and are always part of projects, initiatives, petitions, events, etc. that matter and change things for the better for our sector


To explore a Strategic Partnership:

  • schedule a meeting with the founder - Leah - with at least a few clear ideas as to how the SBC can support your work 

  • ensure you come prepared to the meeting - outlining clear ideas of how you will be able to support the SBC in our work and mission. 

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