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You want more clients? Well, it matters where, how and when you show up?

Getting clients is something most businesses want to do. Yet, it's one thing to want to get clients it's another thing to be able to engineer your business and work in a way that allows you to attract and retain clients.

Marketing and self-promotion are not the only areas that will impact getting clients, it's about building the business for the long term that will help you to have the clients. But to be able to do so, you need to make sure you know the answers to the most important basic questions about your business. Read the picture first 👇 and then our brief article.

We can take plenty of lessons from this story. But the basics are simple and you need to answer these questions before you can actually make progress for the better in your client acquisition journey.


WHERE you show up with your expertise matters.

WHERE you present your value matters.

HOW you charge for your time and expertise matter and will be appreciated accordingly.

WHO your audience is matters.

WHAT you know about all of these and more - matters!!!

Hence, our advice for you on client acquisition at the Sexperts Business Community is to:

1. Spend your time and money on the right places to show up with your expertise.

2. If you give away your expertise on thankless platforms - you will not be appreciated and rewarded accordingly.

3. If you don't know your value - you'll waste your talent away on people who cannot appreciate it and in places where it's not seen as worth much.

4. If you're in front of the right audience, you won't have issues with getting their attention, and money and giving your talent and expertise.

5. If you are NOT educating yourself on how to do the aforementioned- you're losing times and times again - daily.


We highly recommend you check out our page on getting a business mentor, because as much as you're great in your own field as a sexpert - you likely need the guidance and support of professionals who can help you run your business successfully.

On top of this, we highly recommend you consider advertising yourself on - and get a great discount, using the simple code: sbc at checkout.

Help us help you - do share your thoughts in the comments below.

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