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Where to advertise your services as a sexuality professional?

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

You are searching for the perfect platform where you can advertise your services but haven't found it yet? Well, your search is over now because you found just the right platform:

It is not a secret that the Sexperts Business Community is in partnership with findmysexpert and we absolutely love recommending the only platform specifically designed for the advertisement of sexuality professionals.

But we are not the only ones who love the platform, in the video below you can see some of the professionals who advertise on and what they are saying to your potential clients. Join them in their attempt to make people more aware of sexpertise and advertise yourself on the first sexual wellness platform that is only for professionals just like you.

Furthermore, the Sexperts Business Community and findmysexpert are in a partnership and professionals who attend the SBC meetings get 20% off for 6 months of advertising on findmysexpert.

More details about this offer are provided after attendance of our Sexperts Business Meetings.

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