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Refer & Grow With Fellow Colleagues

The Scarcity Mindset among sexperts that wediscuss over and over again hinders sexperts to really grow their businesses, as they think other sexperts would be their competition.

However, there is a huge increase in demand for sexperts due to popular media and shows like Sex Education bringing the existence of sex and relationships experts to people's attention.

Yet, there aren't as many mental health professionals and even more so sexperts in the world that we need - meaning the pie is big and there’s enough pie for everyone.

You don’t trust us? Google it, there’s a huge shortage of mental health professionals - i.e. psychotherapists, counsellors etc. - and if the mainstream professionals are in huge demand, why wouldn’t we be? Especially considering how much of people’s difficulties are related to their sexual lives and relationships.

This might help you think over your position.

Not only does elevating each other raise awareness of the whole profession and sexual wellness field, it increases the credibility of it, too. After all, “the more we are, the louder is our collective voice”.

But how can you elevate others and therefore yourself?

We offer you a few amazing strategies to grow your business and uplift our field.

But before we begin, did you know that one of the most powerful strategies modern professional YouTubers use to grow their channels is collaborations - you know how they do a video on each person’s channel and give a shout-out about it.... Yeah - it’s called cross-promotion. This is something sexperts don’t do at enough of at all and our in-house sexpert and founder of the SBC Leah Spasova continuously says is a massive mistake…

5 strategies to build your referrals game!

Refer to other sexperts

Refer other sexperts whilst rejecting clients who don’t fit your expertise or ‘’ideal client’’ image. It could be helpful to give them up to 3 options to decide which sexpert matches them best. That way you’re not only showing the client that you want the best for them and are therefore trustworthy, but it also adds credibility to the profession and yourself, so that you might even get positive feedback from rejecting a client.


You can create a Rewards system between sexperts you are referring to/you’re being referred by. Make sure the referring is reciprocal.

Refer while Cross-Promoting

Give shout-outs to your mailing list on services you don’t offer yourself - but other colleagues do - ask for that reciprocity from sexperts you already have built relationships with.

Share & Get Shared

Promote colleagues you trust by sharing, commenting and liking their posts. We’re sure they will return the favour as well.

Build Affiliates

Win-win affiliate programs: Partner up with other sexperts or products that you know and appreciate and get yourself referral links. This way, you’re promoting a fellow sexpert or an amazing product and you’re earning a little something from it as well.

Whatever you decide on doing, always remember that by working together rather than against each other, with an open rather than with a narrowed mind, the work gets not only easier, but more fun as well. Because together we go further!

Make sure to join our Sexperts Business Meetings to meet and build great relationships and trust with professionals in the field.

Your network is your net worth.

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