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Our New Platform: A Revolutionary Space for Sex and Relationship Experts

Updated: May 6

The Sexperts Business Community (SBC) is thrilled to announce we've been working on a revolutionary platform + services for sexperts. We invite all sex and relationships experts to apply to of our new platform, meticulously designed to meet their evolving needs.

As the industry grapples with increasing censorship and limited promotional avenues, our platform emerges as a groundbreaking solution that champions free expression and effective marketing for professionals.

Focused on Empowering Professionals

The need for a secure and expansive platform for sexperts is crucial now more than ever. Censorship and restricted visibility have long hindered experts in our field from reaching the audience that needs them the most. Our new platform not only promises a sanctuary from these challenges but also provides a robust suite of tools designed to enhance the visibility and influence of our members.

Leah Spasova, the founder of the Sexperts Business Community and a renowned psychologist specializing in sex and relationships, articulates the essence of our initiative:

"Our community has a pressing need for a platform where professionals could thrive without fear of censorship or restrictions on their reach," she explains. "This platform is tailored to empower experts to connect with their ideal clients while sharing their uncensored wisdom in sex and relationships."

Unparalleled Features and Benefits:

The platform is crafted to serve as a one-stop solution for all marketing and promotional needs, liberating professionals to focus on what they do best—serving their clients. Furthermore, members get a membership for the Sexperts Business Community and exceptional resources and support for their business journey - from the networking events with colleagues to guides, templates, courses and more. Features of the packages available include:

  • Directory Profile Listing: Professionals can create detailed profiles showcasing their services, events, and products, making it easy for potential clients to find and connect with them.

  • Promotional Package: We handle all aspects of promotion, from social media campaigns to newsletter features, ensuring that our members’ expertise reaches a wide and engaged audience.

  • Sexperts Business Community Membership: This membership grants access to exclusive resources, workshops, and networking opportunities, all designed to foster growth and collaboration among sex and relationships professionals.

Sexperts Business Community promotional platform for sex and relationships experts coaches therapists educators directory offer

What's Next?

As we approach the official launch slated for the Summer of 2024, we are inviting educators, coaches, therapists, matchmakers, and experts in BDSM and Tantra to apply to be featured on our upcoming platform and benefit from unparalleled support and services.

To make this opportunity even more accessible, we are offering an exclusive 40% discount on memberships for early bird applicants.

Final Words

The Sexperts Business Community remains committed to enhancing the landscape of the sex and relationships industry.

Our platform represents not just an innovation in marketing and promotion but a commitment to supporting the invaluable work of sexperts everywhere. For those interested in joining our pioneering community and benefiting from our new platform, please apply through our website or reach out to us for more information.

As we continue to break new ground, we look forward to empowering our community with the tools they need to succeed and connect in meaningful ways.

Join us in shaping the future of sex and relationship expertise!

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