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Make the Content of Videos and Meetings Easy-Breezy to Record, Transcribe, and Share

Writing notes and minutes from meetings can be very time-consuming and boring - as well as distracting.

Our business meetings are such an amazing source of knowledge and recommendations, so we were looking for ways to save time and be more productive when we found Spoke.

Spoke allows you to record, transcribe and summarize your meetings. Take excerpts, find the key ideas and share them with your team, colleagues or clients in a few moments.

If it saves you time - it saves you money too.

You no longer need to waste a lot of time to search for the relevant parts of a meeting or even worse, record everything and then try to find the parts that are important.

By using Spoke, we can use the best parts of a meeting and have them transcribed within minutes. This saves us time and allows us to focus on the parts that matter the most.

We are now able to set up our meetings and just let the software do the rest. It saves us time and allows us to focus on other work - hence we recommend this amazing tool.

What else?

  • Spoke automatically joins you in your meetings. You don't even have to think about it.

  • You can bookmark a moment in a meeting with one click without losing the thread of the conversation and bother making notes at the time.

  • Whatever happens, Spoke dutifully transcribes everything that was said into text. You will never forget anything.

  • All your conversations are encrypted and only accessible from your personal space.

  • Analyze and summarize long conversations in minutes with no load time.

  • Share the link to your summary with your team or copy-paste your notes into your CRM.

  • You can also extract specific clips from your videos - take the key messages out, use them as mini videos for your social media or else.

Furthermore, you can mix multiple videos from your Spoke library and create something totally new. When you’re watching the recording, just click the “import a video” button. Then, you can search your transcribed Spoke videos by keyword to find specific quotes or moments. Finally, choose the clip you want and import it into your video summary to showcase your customer testimonials, create a webinar highlight reel, and more!

Well, we hope you like this recommendation and we wish you a ton more time spent on the activities you are good at and are worth your time, mental space and effort too - but definitely not transcribing.

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