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Automate your Twitter account - easy-peasy - making extra cash for those organic lemons!

Social media is such a competitive field and Twitter is no exception.

With so many people fighting for a spot in your timeline, it's hard to get noticed, especially if you're just starting out. But what if there was a way to automate your account and grow your following while you focus on other things? That's where comes into play.

In addition, you can create threads and repost tweets to make the most out of your time and the service is affordable for any business.

We have recently gotten the service and are still exploring the amazing and powerful tool that it is. Zlappo helps you to turn your Twitter into a mega-funnel for your business, organization, blog, email list, etc. Their aim is to help you convert your audience into happy paying customers who evangelize your products and services.

With its help you can:

  • Get more followers within a month

  • Massively increase your engagement

  • Make sales and have higher conversion rates on your posts

  • Reduce your work-load by using automations

  • Grow your business, profit and time off too ;)

Tweet smarter, grow faster.

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