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We can't escape censure either...

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

When the sexuality field is censored - everyone suffers - yes even the Sexperts Business Community!

We had great news to share - a new partnership with a digital sexual wellness magazine - Kiss and Tell. We had a post to share on our social media - and it got rejected by Google. Surprise - Surprise, hey!

And it's not like we have not attempted to work things out with Google - to be whitelisted or whatever. It's not like we didn't explain the nature of our work and that we're a business community for sexperts. And more frustratingly they even ignored our requests to file a formal complaint against this blatant discrimination - we were told to ''send feedback'' and that ''these are our policies'' and anything containing the word ''sex'' is not allowed.

Google hides behind ''policies'' that are just like the discriminatory laws against every oppressed people through the centuries - coated in noble and ''well-meaning'' law - yet still absolute BS!

When the field is censored - professionals suffer, businesses that support professionals suffer too, and the general public takes a hit too.

What shall we do?

1 word, 5 letters: UNITE

Make sure you follow us and sign up to our newsletter - working together united - we stand a chance.

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