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Do it the right way: Media Exposure

It’s not important how many people see you, it’s important the right ones do.

There are a lot of opportunities to get media exposure as a sexpert- like podcasts, magazines, blogs, (sex-positive) groups on Social Media, newspapers, TV or radio shows.

However, it is important to know where it is most useful to show up. You could put all your effort in a newspaper column, where you’d write about your work and reach thousands of people. But if this column isn’t at the right newspaper and thus is not read by interested people, your effort will be wasted. Whereas, when you post on a platform where the clientèle is sex-positive and looking for that kind of content, you will have a way better return on investment aka ROI. It’s not important how many people see you, it’s important the right ones do.

Media you should consider getting on in order to reach the right audience:

  • Podcasts: Be a guest on sex-positive podcasts to showcase your work to intrigued listeners. You can reach out to potential podcasts having you as a guest e.g. on

  • Magazines: Write an article for a sex-positive magazine, such as the Kiss&Tell magazine - they are always looking for new inspiring contributions from sexperts (unpaid).

  • Social Media groups: When you don’t want to let go of mainstream Social Media platforms just yet, you can post in sex-positive groups like this one on Facebook (open to sharing about sex+events). We’re crossing our fingers that your posts won’t get censored in any way.

  • Furthermore, the Sexperts Business Community often partners up with podcasters, magazines, etc., and offers opportunities to shine in the media, which you can hear about and take advantage of yourself when you join our Updates Only Newsletter.

Directories - Last, but not least - it's important to show on sex-positive and specific directories like lifesexplicit - where clients come to find sexpert support and you can list all of your work - services, events, products and more without censorship and lifesexplicit's marketing team will take care with the promotional work you likely don't love doing.

Being present online, giving the opportunity to people to find out about you and your work is important, and we advise you to make smart decisions on where it’s worth showing up and sticking to.

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