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Are You GDPR Compliant? This Easy Solution is the Answer to Your Legal Needs.

If you own a website and/or a mobile app you are faced with the requirements concerning privacy and cookies, terms and conditions, consent solution and all the legal requirements coming from European GDPR law.

It is overwhelming. We had the same feeling until we discovered a fantastic attorney-level solution for websites, apps and online businesses. It creates all the legal documents for you and it's really an all-in-one solution. Not only that - but it keeps your policies updated and prompts you to review them if you add new systems, widgets, plugins or else to your site that in one way or another manages or collects data.

We've been using it pretty much from the start of the Sexperts Business Community's website and we have to say we love it. Iubenda will help you with all the legal requirements you need to address as a business, from consent forms to cookie notices to terms of use and more.

Iubenda - Legal generator for websites
Iubenda - Legal documents generator for websites
Stay compliant

Iubenda combines the convenience of a software solution with an international legal team.

Using the Site Scanner you can even test your site to understand exactly what types of services and policies you need.

Since policies are synchronized automatically, there is no chance of inconsistency in revisions or definitions between Privacy and Cookie policies created with this system.

All policies are readily offered in up to 9 different languages. Simply select your preferred language, or even many languages, and add them to the same website.

With one dashboard, you can manage all your websites and app's legal policies.

Through the offline viewing option, you can ensure that your customers are always properly informed whether online or offline.

Fully customisable

With Iubenda, you can customize the legal documents to your specific needs. You can tailor these legal documents by adding or removing clauses. You can also add your own clauses or edit them to fit your specific need. It has 1700+ clauses that can be used to customize your documents in order to meet your needs.

When legal requirements change, the policies are also updated on the website and app itself.

Iubenda offers multiple options for integration. Whether you want to directly embed on your website, need a link for the app store, or require a button for your newsletter, they've got you covered.

With Iubenda, you can rest assured that your legal policies are always up to date.

Thanks to us partnering with Iubenda - you can get 10% discount on your first year of using their service simply by using our link below!

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