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Henry Ford.


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  • How to get on a Podcast with our help?

    Podcast Inside the Asperger Studio, Interview with Reid Miles

    We interviewed Reid Miles - Host of the Podcast "Inside the Asperger Studio".

    He reached out to Leah Spasova asking her to be a guest on his show talking about sexuality, intimacy and relationships around people on the autism spectrum, but she wasn't the right professional for that.

    What she responded to his request and what happened next you'll hear in the video below.

    Here are the reviews of the professionals that took advantage of this great opportunity for media exposure:

    How to get on a Podcast with our help?

    1. Make sure you've registered for our Newsletter to get all the opportunities for media exposure directly into your inbox.

    2. Reply to incoming opportunities to be a Podcast guest, responding directly to the requesting host.

    3. Take part in a Podcast!

    Help us help you better

    1. Email us back after you've taken part in a Podcast to tell us about your experience.

    2. Write us a review on Trustpilot.

    3. Keep engaged with us as we have plenty more to give you and enrich your business with.

  • Special Offer: iubenda for GDPR compliance

    Get the great deal for iubenda from the Sexperts Business Community

    GDPR exists so that clients and customers data is handled with transparency to them. That's great when you are a customer but when you are the owner of a business it can turn into a nightmare pretty quickly. 

    iubenda saves businesses the headache by making the customization of GDPR, Terms & Conditions, Cookie and Privacy Policies as well as Consent and Cookie Solutions easy to understand and adjust to your business needs.

    Here is a great video about iubenda, what it is and what it can do for you:

    The Sexperts Business Community uses iubenda to make sure that all your data is safe and sound.

    If you are interested in using iubenda for your own business as well, we will give you 10% off in the first year at iubenda.

  • Top 3 Tips for Better Client Acquisition

    Top tips, business, client acquisition, success, SBC, sexperts, community

    The topic at our 9th Sexperts Business Meeting on the 25th February was "Client Acquisition". We discussed and exchanged great strategies and advice on this one.

    We know that many of you struggle with acquiring clients, and it's no wonder that this meeting sold out so quick. We want to help those who weren't able to attend by sharing with you three of the top tips and tricks exchanged during our session.

    Visit our Knowledge Hub to get to the video where we share the top three tips on Client Acquisition.

    Knowledge Hub, SBC, top tips, video, client acquisition, business, success


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