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Business Book Club

Join a community of forward-thinking professionals in our unique book club. Discover, discuss, and deploy the best in business wisdom with peers who share your drive for success in our exclusive monthly book club.

Join our Monthly Reading Club with a special twist - we won't be reading the same business book! Why? Well, simply put - because our work is different and our businesses are on their own individual and unique trajectories. Instead, each person will choose their own read based on their current business needs.


- Maybe you're developing a course - so feel free to read a book on that. 

- Maybe you're building a community - read a book on this. 

- Maybe you want to be more financially savvy in your business - read suitable books on the topics of business and tax.  


📅 The meetings - once per month via Zoom. And when we get together, the idea is to share and exchange the best learning points you're taking from the book you've read - to also hear what others have learnt too.  ge.

Book club business.jpg
Image by Aziz Acharki

✔️ The book club would motivate you to read business books that can really help you improve your business and work smart 

✔️ You'll make purposeful time to review what you've read and see what strategies and ideas you're going to utilise in your work 

✔️ You'll have the opportunity to discuss your ideas and ask the group for feedback, advice, reflections and more. 

✔️ You'll have the opportunity to learn from others' own reading in an easy-going discussion 

✔️ You can network, make friends and feel supported in a community of colleagues from the same industry!  


🤔 Not sure what to read? Not to worry, RSVP and we will send you our best recommendations. 😎


Our Essential Guidelines:


📘 Embrace Business Insights: We treasure the diversity of knowledge. While there's a wealth of literature on becoming a top-tier sexpert and mastering therapeutic practices for sexual and relational challenges, our varied methods and models of practice mean we won't be able to exchange this type of know-how effectively. Hence we focus exclusively on books that sharpen your business acumen—whether it’s about strategizing, marketing, financial management, or organizational growth. Each book chosen should be a catalyst for professional development, steering clear of our industry's technical literature to ensure our learning is broad and business-focused.


📝 Come Prepared with Notes: Insight is in the details. To enrich our discussions, we ask that you jot down key takeaways from your reading. Your notes will serve as a springboard for knowledge-sharing, ensuring that everyone contributes meaningfully.


🔒 Small Group, Big Impact: Intimacy fosters deeper conversation. To maintain an environment conducive to personal interaction, our group sizes are limited. Our events have a history of reaching capacity quickly, so if you RSVP, please honor your commitment. By doing so, you preserve the integrity of the exchange and ensure that no seat is left unfilled by someone eager to learn and grow.

Remember, your presence is more than attendance—it's an opportunity to influence and be influenced by a collective thirst for knowledge.

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