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How Your Attitude is Screwing You Out of Business & Why the Field is Doomed if Things Continue All the Same Disagree?

Prove Me Wrong. 

5 Years In: The State of Affairs in The Sex & Relationships Wellness Field

by Leah Spasova


This is not easy to share, because I know many people will feel immediately offended and would rather jump on my throat before they read this in full. I know colleagues of mine will be pissed off, they’ll want to crucify me…


But this year (2024) the Sexperts Business Community turns 5 and I’ve seen a ton and I hope, by the time folks reach the end of this piece would have shifted their desired object for crucifixion - from me to their own attitudes.


Our industry as a whole depends on it. I’m not joking, I’m not hyperbolising.


This is serious and I’m for real.

A wake up call for Professionals in the Sexuality Wellness Field


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