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How to create your Package & Payment Plans

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This course focuses on helping you to create your Packages & Payment Plans, so that you can run your independent practice smoothly and reduce any stress around getting paid for your work as well as reduce your workload overall. This course is for educational purposes and aims to help professionals to understand the core principles of creating Payment Plans and to help them to create such for their practice. By the end of this course: - You will know what the benefits of using packages are - You’ll know what the potential downsides and problems of using packages are and also their solutions - You’ll know how to set up your packages - You’ll know what paperwork and admin to ensure you have sorted - You’ll know what T&Cs to consider and include in your Client Agreement for your packages - You’ll have Hacks that will help you run your payments smoothly Disclaimers: - This course is suitable for independent practitioners who do not work with insurance. - This course is for an international audience and does not provide legal advice or assurances. All learners should be mindful of their country’s law and regulations and consult with the appropriate type of legal professionals and accountants on all matters related to finance and business - We advise that you consult a lawyer before any implementation of the learned content and guidance here in order to protect yourself legally. - We do not assume and/or hold any responsibility for your actions related to your business.


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