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    You want to know why you should be part of the Community?

    Check out the video to hear about 4 stories how sexperts like you got opportunities to spread the word about themselves, get clients and earn money.

    Watch the video on our Knowledge Hub or here.
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    Here is the transcript:

    Hello, fellow sexpert, my name is Leah and I'm the founder of Life Sexperts. I specialize in relationships and sexuality and I also run the Sexperts Business Meetings. And I'm making this video because I want to share real life stories from the past six months that I have been personally involved in that just showcase how important it is to be connected as a community - us meaning sexperts. Basically, the bottom line is connected sexperts are achieving and actually prospering sexperts, and I'll tell you why through these stories.

    How Sexperts got on a Podcast:

    Literally very recent one, I got invited to partake as a guest on a podcast focusing on people who are dating and on the Asperger or autism spectrum. And I said "I'm not the best person to do this. Thank you for the invite. " And I asked them "Do you want me to reach out to my community and ask if people are up for it or they know someone?" And the person that invited me was like, "Hell, yes, please do." So I sent out an email and within a couple of days, this guy was basically flooded with people saying "Oh, I have expertise in this and I can help with that topic and this topic, etc.." So, these people that learned about him learned about him because I sent an email out to my community and I asked them if they know someone, if they are not able to deliver something on the topic themselves. And guess what? These extra sexperts that are on the periphery that are connected to someone in the community also got a chance because they are connected, right? So, if you don't trust me on that one, just visit my LinkedIn and check out the reference that the guy left me because he was super satisfied with the outcomes. OK, this is one story from right around Christmas time, 2020.
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    How being connected can get you referrals for great opportunities

    Then another one is from literally a few days ago. I have a client who said "I want to find a sex surrogate who is capable and understanding and knowledgeable around Kink and BDSM." And I was like, all right. I personally don't know anyone that I've met. So I reached out again to my business community of Sexperts. I said "Are you or do you know someone who offers these services and has this knowledge?" And I had a number of people who e-mailed back and what came out very clearly was that a few people recommended the same person. What does that say? That says that this person, that professional, is well connected and when someone says sex surrogacy, their name pops up in the heads of other sexperts that know them personally and are willing to recommend. This is another example of why being connected to other sexperts and collaborating matters a hell of a lot.

    How Viv Burke got a $2K client
    And the third aspect, the third story I'll give you is the story of a fellow sexpert who attended a paid event that I did in collaboration with another group of experts in the same field. She came to this event. She liked my work, OK? And she gave me her contacts at the end of the event. And we started talking. We started building that relationship a few months down the line. I said "Hey, I'm starting to run these meetups for business for "Know-how exchange. Are you interested?" And she's like "Yeah, send me a link. I'll join." She joined the first meeting of the Sexperts Business Community. And in that meeting, she learned about a service that she signed up for, which is findmysexpert.com, and within a couple of months, she had a client, a paying client because of that. So, she was happy, obviously, the advice, the Know-How, etc., that she got was worth it. And that was a client that was paying two grand. She spent one hour and a half in our meeting. So one hour and a half of business "know how" and advice and support from others can make you two grand or more, because I have actually saved a lot more because of business advice and build partnerships, etc.. But these, I don't want to tell you too much of my stories.

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    It's worth it
    These are three stories. Three stories that have benefited people around me in the community. That's why I'm saying these meetings are worth it and I continue to run them because they are worth it for everybody involved. So, if you're interested in being part of a community and being recommended to other people as a referral, because you are known by these people, because they have built a relationship with you, they see you that you know your shit and that you're trustworthy and you're full of integrity. I lost my word there, but you're full of compassion and knowledge, etc., they will recommend you.

    How Colin Richards got a lot of new clients
    One more bonus story because of connections and socializing with other sexperts. I met a professional through the partnership between findmysexpert.com and Intimacy Matters, Colin Richards, who works in London. He offers massage, erotic massage and workshops and all of it. The amount of times I've been asked in the past six months about whether I provide erotic massage or know of services, is at least like 10 times. And each time I have recommended Colin and send them his website. Why? Because I know Colin. Because I know he knows his stuff. I know he's just, like I trust him. I've experienced his products, his services, etc. and I'm like, I have no issue sending these people to Colin. There you go.

    Colin Richards, Testimonial, sensual masseur, sex and relationship engineer, SBC, sexperts, industry, meeting platform

    What you can do to become a Success Story, too

    I'm sure that there are other professionals that I don't know about and I will not build a relationship unless they turn up to our meetings and I'll not be able to offer potential clients to you and the other way around. So, that's it for me. Seven minutes. Wow. If you stayed with me, that's a hell of a thing. So, if you're interested join the next Sexperts Business Community Meetings, make sure that you're part of the mailing list and tell other experts about it because you have a lot to gain from this community growing, I promise you. That's it for me. Take care. Stay safe. And join us and let us thrive together. Bye.


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