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Gayatri is a Sacred Sexuality teacher and guide devoted to bringing Heaven on Earth.

Since 2012 she has been offering sacred spaces for people to discover the aliveness of their being through conscious touch and erotic awakening.

In a world where sex has become a commodity to promote, seduce and sell, Gayatri is passionate about positioning sexuality back in the body. Known for her refreshingly natural and joyful approach, Gayatri champions touch as the language to heal the separation between sex and spirit, heart and mind.

In 2016 Gayatri founded Tantra Massage Training with the intention of offering a heart-centred and body-celebrating approach to spiritual awareness and sexual expansion. Since then she has initiated hundreds of people into the art of Tantric touch through workshops, and created an inspired community of sensual enthusiasts. Central to her work is grounding in safety, cultivating sensitivity, and embodying the sacred.

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