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    The Sexperts Business Community and findmysexpert are in a partnership and professionals who attend the SBC meetings get 20% off for 6 months advertising on findmysexpert.

    More details about this offer are provided after attendance of our Sexperts Business Meetings.

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    So many emails to write and not enough time or nerves? You want to know how many people open your emails, who engages with them and how your audience is behaving towards your email? Then this is the right deal for you - Sendfox. 

    This email tool lets you create custom, branded emails and landing pages as well as built-in forms. The dashboard shows you who opens and clicks what, so that you can improve the experience of your mailing list. Start campaigns and track the success of them to increase the engagement of your subscribers. 
    No more copy-pasting of hundreds of emails, no more not-knowing what your audience even receives at their end.

    Become more efficient with your time and energy now and get yourself the terrific deal of only $49 for lifetime access to all these great features at Sendfox here and save up to 5x of the usual pricing.
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    GDPR exists so that clients and customers data is handled with transparency to them. That's great when you are a customer but when you are the owner of a business it can turn into a nightmare pretty quickly. Iubenda saves businesses the headache by making the customization of GDPR, Terms & Conditions, Cookie and Privacy Policies as well as Consent and Cookie Solutions easy to understand and adjust to your business needs.
    The Sexperts Business Community uses Iubenda and gives you 10% off on the first year at Iubenda if you get yourself this amazing tool here.

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    You have so much knowledge but nowhere to put it? You  want to share this knowledge the easiest way possible but you aren't too tech-savvy? Then Gurucan is YOUR option. This new tool is super easy to use to build your own courses, create challenges, write articles and upload your webinars to it. You can brand everything your way, you have great communication with the developers and an amazing deal with us!

    We use Gurucan for our Knowledge Hub where we share interviews, tips and tricks with you. We are highly satisfied with this tool and as it is 'only' in BETA version right now - we can't wait to experience how awesome it will be when it's roadmap has reached it's final destination. The great thing about the BETA version: You can take part in the process and suggest improvements that you want and need - and Gurucan will make it happen. It's as if you are creating it with them - but you don't have to work for it. Aren't these the best projects, where you can just enjoy the results?

    This new tool sells like hot cake - especially with this deal where you get Gurucan for lifetime for only $79 instead of the usual $648.
    This is your chance to put your know-how somewhere appreciated and have it your way.

    Take the chance and explore all of the possibilities you have with Gurucan here
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    Social Media is getting more important every minute, millions of us are giving away our time to these platforms by looking at, liking, commenting and re-posting engaging and interesting posts. Often times the Social Medias are now the go-to's when searching for advice or help. But there is a lot out there and to be seen and heard takes a lot of effort.
    You want to step up your game when it comes to Social Media but you just don't want to spend all day jumping from one platform to another to post the same thing? Why don't you automate this tedious task by starting to use Sociamonials? 
    This tool schedules your Social Media posts and automatically posts them onto all relevant channels optimized for revenue. The best part: You can track how good your campaigns do by simply looking at your all knowing dashboard, so that it is easy to improve your business' profile.
    Save 25x on this deal with getting you this stunning tool here, and only pay $69 for lifetime.  

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