• Achievements


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    Business Meetings
    We have had 9 amazing business meetings where we exchanged priceless business know-how, strategies, ideas and tools as well as shared experiences and advice with each other. 

    Due to our meetings format, we can only accommodate 15 sexperts at a time, hence it is no wonder that our popular meetings sell out quicker and quicker each time. The last meeting had 5x more experts interested in attending than we could cater for.

    Community Members
    The more, the merrier! We have over 180 members and the numbers keep climbing.

    Money saved and made
    It is difficult to put a price on priceless insights and advice. But with each new advice we share with each other, there is more money saved, more hours of manual work saved too and more clients drawn in.

    Whether it's tools that make our lives easier or we had great deals and offers because a member shared about them at the right time, or it's a strategy how to tackle a problem - our community keeps on giving. 

    Through the meetings and advice exchanged we have also helped members to get high-paying clients, get featured on podcasts and media, even run collaborations and building partnerships with other sexperts and companies.
    One way or another - you can save and make a lot of money by being part of our Sexperts Business Community.

    Strategies and Know-How
    We keep record of all the advice exchanged at our Sexperts Business Meetings. And we keep track of the dozens of shared strategies, tools, advice and more exchanged at each one. This far we have had over 270 pieces of game-changing advice shared in the first 9 meetings. All of these strategies and know-how help members to scale their business and thrive.

    Members attending the meetings and implementing the advice have been very positive and encouraging of our work.