• About Michelle Eichenberg

    Michelle Eichenberg, SBC, community manager, travel agent, business woman

    Michelle Eichenberg is an aspiring and talented business woman. Having completed dozens of brief-courses by world leading universities on subjects related to Business and Psychology, she is quick on her feet and a brilliant problem solver. 

    Her background is in the tourism industry as she is a trained and honored travel agent. Having traveled to a lot of countries and amazing places she loves to explore different cultures, languages and people. Michelle’s drive to learn and her thirst for knowledge are infinite and help her to adapt easily and to deepen her empathy.

    Michelle is a pure pleasure to work with and charms her way into every business meeting and conference she attends with her deep insights and valuable perspectives that impress even the most well established business owners in the room. 

    Furthermore, Michelle is the beating heart of the Sexperts Business Community. Her ability to manage projects, support and continuously build the community are astounding and benefiting all members.

    To get in touch with Michelle:

    Email: michelle@sbc-int.com


    To support Michelle visit Buymeacoffee.

    To get to know what equipment Michelle uses for her multiple interests visit her Kit.