• About Leah Spasova

    Leah Spasova, Psychologist, sexpert, SBC, founder, community leader

    Leah Spasova is a multi-talented wonder woman. She is a psychologist, sex and relationships expert, animal welfare activist, business mentor for start ups, podcast host and serial entrepreneur. Leah's background is in mental health, having studied psychology and counselling and worked in the field for a number of years. Her immense business know-how, great patience and endless empathy is what sits behind the success of her work. 

    Leah's passion for education and preventative work doesn't stop at borders. As an expat she still continues her charitable work in her native country by running a few platforms for animal welfare and rescue that address the needs of the millions stray animals and the activists who help them. Furthermore, her passion for sex(uality) and relationships education lead her to start a podcast in her native Bulgarian language - to address the lack of expert advice and specialised resources for adults. Additionally she mentors start-up entrepreneurs, having supported dozens of people working in both the animal welfare and sexuality fields.

    Curiously, she is also the reason why the kink community in Porto and Lisbon have munches as she was the catalyst of organising munches in Porto when she lived there back in late 2017. After her departure a local kinkster took on her model and continued organising the community. Leah's method and structures were adopted in Lisbon in 2018.

    In her free time she likes to broaden her horizon by travelling the physical world and the infinite worlds in books. 

    To get in touch with Leah:
    Email: leah@sbc-int.com
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